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Atalan Defeats Amu to Secure 3rd Place Ranking

1 Oct, 2015

Today the match for the 3rd place ranking kicked off between Atalan and Amu. Atalan’s Mustafa Afshar immediately statement, scoring a goal just over 60 seconds into the game. Mustafa followed up with a second goal at the 9th minute to provide them a 2 – 0 lead within the first ten minutes of the game. Amu lost a chance to score on Atalan around the 13th minute thanks to a great save by their goalie Toofan. For the next ten minutes Amu found themselves hard pressed by Atalan's forwards Baqer and Mustafa and were to play defensively. By the 40th minute Amu began to break up Atalan’s attack and their forwards Khal Mohammad and Baryali tried hard to land a goal but to no avail. The end of the first half ended with Atalan up over Amu 2 - 0. The start of the 2nd half saw Atalan’sMustafAfshar score a neat hat trick to bring the score to 3 – 0 in favor of Atalan at the 57th minute. After going without a single goal for more than half of the game, Amu’s KianoshKhawari was able to score for his team at the 71st minute mark, bringing the score 3 – 1, still heavily in favor of Atalan. In the final ten minutes of the game Atalan continued to punish Amu, with Salim Naimi scoring in the 81st and Mustafa Afshar scoring in the 91st minute to finish the 5 -1 against Amu. Atalan played valiantly this year and finishes the 2015 RAPL position in a respectable 3rd place within the team rankings and their star forward Mustafa Afsharget’s to end the season having scored 3 goals in his final game of 2015 for his team.

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