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Atalan Upsets Toofan

8 Sep, 2016

De Maiwand Atalan met Toofan Harirod in a breathtaking game today at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. With this win, Atalan enhanced their chance of reserving a spot in the Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) 2016 semi-final by earning three critical points. 

Atalan and Toofan won their first games and tried to prevent any leak in today’s clash.

Toofan Harirod started the game with confidence and attitude of victory as they triumphed over Shaheen Asmayee, one of RAPL strongest teams. To score the opening goal, Toofan’s players exchanged slick passes followed by strikes to set the game tone in their own favor; however, the approach did not work as majority of its must-goal opportunities were either deterred or missed. 

In the 18th minutes of the game, De Maiwand Atalan eminent midfielder, Yar Mohammad Zakarkhail, booked the first point through a penalty kick. Later, Atalan put together a stout defense, spending much of the match in their own half to keep the result locked. 

Though Toofan held possession for 60 percent of the competition, still they conceded the game to De Maiwand Atalan. Yar Mohammad Zakarkhail, Atalan’s player, was awarded as the man of the match. 

With this victory, Atalan will encounter Shaheen Asmayee in the coming match. 

The match is available on the RAPL YouTube page (www.youtube.com/afghanpremierleague). More information about RAPL 2016 events can be found on (www.afghanpremierleague.com). 




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