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Bazan Drowns in Amu

9 Sep, 2016

It was another lively day at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. The Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) 2016 draw put Mawjhai Amu against De Spinghar Bazan in the ninth game of this season. 

The clash believed to be long-ball game during the first-half though it still was not true for the second-half. Mawjhai Amu and De Spinghar Bazan lurked for any slot to change their destiny for today. Later, it was Mawjhai Amu to be the blessed ones. 

Mawjhai Amu walked a long path in RAPL 2016; the team has one win over Oqaban Hindukosh and a loss against Simorgh Alborz. Its history put it at the edge of survival or elimination in today’s face-off. Luckily, the team overcame the challenge with a 2-0 triumph. On 65 minutes, Qesmat Ahmadi successfully put the team in the lead. The second assuring victory goal was netted during extra time of second-half by Lal Pacha Tarakhail, leaving no room for recovery. Likewise, Amu had the chance of making 3-0 if Hedayatullah Qurashi did not miss the penalty-kick in the 53rd minutes. 

With this win, Amu will play in RAPL 2016 semi-final.  

The 2015 titleholders were expected to keep its pride and footpath of last season. However, the team struggles could not put it far enough in RAPL 2016. 

Today, Bazan was convincing in attacks and they kept their approach after going a goal down; yet all ended scoreless. Many of its assaults either deterred by Amu’s defense line or went wide with inches difference. Bazan will not be able to play in the semi-final as of this failure.  

The match is available on the RAPL YouTube page (www.youtube.com/afghanpremierleague). More information about RAPL 2016 events can be found on (www.afghanpremierleague.com). 


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