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De Abasin Sape 0-3 De Maiwand Atalan

31 Aug, 2016

In a challenging game, De Abasin Sape encountered De Maiwand Atalan team in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. The game was critical for Abasin to score a point in its first face-off. However, their hope did not come through. It was the first game of RAPL 2016’s second week. 

De Abasin Sape’s fans expected the team to win this game after massive changes in its squad. The team counted on the new players who joined recently; however, it did not keep the team fortunate. The victory of today could put the team in a better position in RAPL 2016. 

De Maiwand Atalan started the game with focus on dragging back in the title race of RAPL 2016. Using the slick passes and coordination, they secured the opening goal. Yar Mohammad Zakar Khail opened the scoring on nine minutes. Subsequently, in a short time interval, on 12 minutes, Atalan’s second goal was scored by Faiz Faizi who is leading the team in this season. It was not the end of story for Atalan and Faizi. Taking advantage of a well strike, Faizi put the ball in Abasin’s bar for the third time, insuring the victory. 

Relying on game statistics, De Maiwand Atalan possessed 60% where its opponent kept 40% game possession. The game ended with 3-0 in favor of De Maiwand Atalan. 

Since no score was secured by De Abasin Sape, the team should put ultimate struggles to survive RAPL 2016 coming games. 

The match is available on the RAPL YouTube page (www.youtube.com/afghanpremierleague). More information about RAPL 2016 events can be found on (www.afghanpremierleague.com). 


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