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Goals were raining as Toofan (Storm) Harirod smashed Spinghar Bazan

12 Oct, 2012

Toofan Harirod did not disappoint its fans. The technically and physically strong team from Herat and Western Afghanistan controlled the match versus Spinghar Bazan from the beginning on.

Only 2 minutes into the game Marouf Mohammadi got the first chance to score against Spinghar. The ball landed in the box of Spinghar Bazan after several defense players could not hold it back. Mohammadi shot a strong shot but the ball bounced back from the last defense player.

In minute 22 Harirod scored. During a fast attack from the right side Ramiz Noorzai sent the ball low into the box. Gholam Reza Yaqubi waiting there for his opportunity had just to scroll the ball into the net, under the Spinghar goal keeper Abdul Hakim Momin.

Toofan’s attacks didn’t stop with the 1:0 lead. At the same time the team from Herat was very successful in stopping the rare counter attacks of Spinghar from the start, and did not give them a chance even to come close to Harirod’s goal.

Then, in the 39th minute, Marouf Mohammadi attacked from the left side, past two Spinghar defense players and scored a second goal from a very tight angle for Harirod.

In the last moments of the first half Spinghar had its only chance. As a Harirod player touched the ball with his hand in the box, Spinghar got a penalty. Azmal Pardise shot it directly to the goal keeper Zarif Farahi. The ball hit the keeper Farahi, then bounced back from the bar.

As the first half ended 2:0 with Harirod in lead, but the almost 5000 spectators filling the rows of the stadium didn’t know what they were about to witness in the second half: A real football show!

Four minutes into the second half Hamidullah Karimi found the ball just in front of him, and headed a high ball into the Spinghar box. His strong shot met the net to make the score 3:0.

This lead triggered unstoppable Toofan Harirod attacks.

With the goals of Gholam Reza Yaqubi in the 55th minute and Wahid Nadim in the 56th minute and Hamidullah Karimi in the 57th minute, Toofan Harirod reached a lead of 6:0 in only three minutes.

Harirod fans started at that moment to update their chants, which stated in the beginning of the match: “Herat 4-0”.

Harirod served its fans.

In minute 71 Majid Karimi scored, again in minute 83 it was Hamid Jazimi, in minute 84 Gholam Reza Yaqubi made another goal, and in minute 87 Mohammad Rafi Barakzai scored the rest of the goals.

With this unbelievable 10:0 win over Spinghar Bazan, Harirod soundly qualified for the final match on October 19 versus Simorgh Alborz at the AFF Stadium in Kabul.

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