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Green Field Jalalabad Regional Tournament

4 Jun, 2013

Jalalabad regional tournament started on May 14th to May 17th,at Sirajul Emarah Football stadium, Jalalabad. In this tournament 80 players divided into four teams played against each other to find a place in the top 26 player’s squad. The teams that took part in this tournament were Malang Jan team, Shaheed Qasim team, Afghan Refugees team and Laghman team.

As per the schedule of the tournament, each team played three matches against the other teams, amongst which the 26 best players were selected in the first phase. In the second phase of Maidan-e-Sabz, which will be taking place in the Holy  month of Ramadan, 18 top players from among these 26 players shall be selected to represent the De Spinghar Bazan team in the Roshan Afghan Premier League that will kick off on August 22nd 2013.

The tournament between the teams of Jalalabad region was conducted under the supervision of certified, experienced and trained coaches of the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF), who were responsible for the selection of the 26 top players, in the first phase. 

Hundreds of Football fans from around the city turned up to support their teams and favorite players.

The players who got selected in the first round are;

List of 26 Players from Jalalabad Zone
S/No Name Position Team
1 Hakim Momand Goal Keeper Qasim Shaheed
2 Ata Muhammad Popal Goal Keeper Qasim Shaheed
3 Ali Goal Keeper Malang Jan
4 Sohrab Defender Malang Jan
5 Ajmal Pardes Defender Qasim Shaheed
6 Sheer Ali Lali Defender Qasim Shaheed
7 Sikandar Akhonzada Defender Qasim Shaheed
8 Abdul Hadi Safi Defender Qasim Shaheed
9 Shahid Hasan Defender Afghan Refugees
10 Qudrat Defender Laghman
11 Obaidullah Ghubar Defender Qasim Shaheed
12 Shafiqullah Defender Malang Jan
13 Siyar Ghazanfari Midfielder Qasim Shaheed
14 Kawoos Sargand Midfielder Qasim Shaheed
15 Abhar Ali Noor Midfielder Qasim Shaheed
16 Farid Ahmed Danish Midfielder Malang Jan
17 Haroon Sahak Midfielder Malang Jan
18 Ziadmal Midfielder Laghman
19 Zareef Midfielder Laghman
20 Enayatullah Saifi Midfielder Qasim Shaheed
21 Irfan Habibi Midfielder Qasim Shaheed
22 Shafiq Ayubi Forward Malang Jan
23 Aimal Noori Forward Qasim Shaheed
24 Faheem Afgar Forward Qasim Shaheed
25 Gran Safi Forward Malang Jan
26 Zalmai Safi Forward Afghan Refugees

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