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Mawjhai Amu eager to pass the group stage

17 Jul, 2015

After an exciting round of regional tournaments across eight regional zones of Afghanistan to select the top 26 players for each of the eight RAPL teams, it is now time for the inter-squad matches to finalize the 21-man squad for each team. This will prove to be the final test for the 26 players who have already been selected for the teams.

Mawjhai Amu recorded their first ever win(2-0) against De Abasin-Sape in 2014. It was an exciting season for this team as they exhibited good performance on the pitch facing the powerhouse teams ShaheenAsmayee and Oqaban-Hindukosh in the group stages of the competition. Following their first victory last year, players and fans of this team are hoping that their team makes way into the semi-finals in 2015.

For players who will be participating in this tournament, this could be nothing short of a life-changing event. RAPL puts the spotlight on the players and that means more exposure and more opportunities for emerging football talents to excel in their personal and professional football lives.

In an effort to gather the nation’s top talents, the Afghanistan National Football team's coach as well as the assistant coaches has announced their commitment to evaluate players in the RAPL main event matches and invite the top tier players to the national team. The 2015 RAPL tournament is set to kick-off on August 27th and will be the biggest football event in Afghanistan.

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