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Nangrahar Regional Tournament “De Spinghar Bazan”

14 May, 2014

The Nangrahar Regional Tournament took place from April 28th through 30th in Sherzai stadium in Jalalabad. Four teams from the eastern region participated in the tournament: Nangrhar A, Nangrahar B, Laghman and Nuristan. This was the first time Nuristan participated in the tournament and played very well. Some of these players have to travel from their respective villages and districts under very difficult circumstances to be able to fulfill their passion for Football.

There were also seven players from Herat that for the first time participated in the Eastern region tournament for “De Abaseen Sape” instead of the Herat Tournament in the western region for “Toofan Harirod”. The players included very well known names like Rafi Barakzai, who also plays for the national team as well as Salim, Saleem, Manaan and Wazir. It was a very positive change to see players from different regions and different ethnic groups playing together on the same team.

AFF officials selected the 26 best players from these four teams based on their skills and performance. Those players will be further narrowed down to 21 players during an Intra-Squad match on June 17th. The 26 players will be divided into two teams to play against each other. The 21 players selected by AFF officials from that match will be the final list of players officially representing the Eastern region and “De Spinghar Bazan”.

List of 26 Players from De Spinghar Bazan Team
S/No Name Position
1 Kawash Haidari Goal Keeper
2 Nabil Ahmad Goal Keeper
3 Nohaib Goal Keeper
4 Saleem Midfielder
5 Rafi Barakzai Midfielder
6 Abhar Ali Midfielder
7 Ali Nasir Midfielder
8 Ziarmal Naimi Midfielder
9 Ziarmal Haidari Midfielder
10 Haroon Midfielder
11 Faghir Hussain Midfielder
12 Rohit Midfielder
13 Manan Defender
14 Ajmal Pardis Defender
15 Wazir Defender
16 Raza Yaqubi Defender
17 Sohrab Defender
18 Jamil Defender
19 Sakhi Defender
20 Najibullah Defender
21 Farshad Defender
22 Aimal Nori Forward
23 Shafaqullah Forward
24 Fahim Forward
25 Habibullah Forward
26 Salim Forward

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