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School Clinics “Herat”

14 May, 2014

The Regional Tournament for RAPL 2014 season kicked off starting from Kabul on April 21st. Building on last year’s success, the number of school clinics per Regional Tournament are increased from two to four. The school clinics are held and organized in close collaboration and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Afghan Football Federation (AFF). The clinics in Herat were held at the following four schools:

  • Laisai Zakoor Istiqlal
  • Lisai Zakoor Amir Ali Sher Nawai
  • Laisai Aunas Abdullah Atifie
  • Laisai Mahjooba Herawi

One hundred kids participated in each clinic from the participating school. The clinics were used to promote messages of Peace, National Unity and a Drug Free life style. The Afghan Football Federation also participated in the clinics by sending officials and players from the RAPL as well as the National team. The players and officials spoke to kids about the importance of peace, unity and a drug free life style while practicing soccer skills and techniques.

We also distributed jerseys and footballs to the hundred kids. The jerseys displayed the messages of Peace, National Unity and a Drug Free lifestyle. In addition, ACAP (Afghan Civilian Assistance program) under the umbrella of IRD (International Relief and development) also distributed 100 footballs per clinic. These are specially designed durable and indestructible footballs by ONE WORLD FOOTBALL PROJECT (http://www.oneworldfutbol.com) that can survive the harshest environments. The project is implemented in underdeveloped countries and disadvantaged communities towards social development.

The school clinics were very well received by the students and the staff and played a significant role in promoting the positive messages of Peace, National Unity and a Drug Free Lifestyle among the youth and the next generation of the country in a very effective and productive environment. The school clinics will also be covered during the Maidan e Sabz weekly one hour show aired on TOLO TV.

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