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Shaheen Asmayee and De Abasin Sape Visited National Institute of Music

14 Sep, 2014

4 players went to the music school where they tried their hand at several instruments, the sitar, drums, congo and guitar. The students seemed to take it upon themselves to try and teach the players a few notes but weren't very successful. Through the several classes of music the players sat through, it was clear that they were enchanted by the music that was resonating through the school. This called for a break, during which the tiny tots swarmed the players and one could see little high fives going around. Following the break, the school orchestra was very gracious and played a composition for the players which ended with everyone stressing on 'One Nation One Voice'...drumroll! The players were very grateful for the wonderful experience and to show their appreciation, they gave away football jerseys to the little ones.


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