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Shaheen Asmayee Look to Advance to Its Second Straight RAPL Championship

26 Sep, 2014

De Spinghar Bazan take on defending RAPL champions Shaheen Asmayee in the second leg of this semifinal. De Spinghar Bazan surprised many, playing Shaheen Asmayee as closely as they did in the first leg. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, despite De Spinghar Bazan losing forward Saleem Naeemi in the 79th minute to a red card.
The winner of today's match will advance to the finals to play Oqaban Hindukosh for the 2014 RAPL championship. Shaheen Asmayee lost its group play game to Oqaban Hindukosh earlier this month. Shaheen Asmayee was missing many of its top players, who were in Korea, representing Afghanistan in the Asian Games.
Those players are back and Shaheen Asmayee will be at full strength for the match today versus De Spinghar Bazan.
De Spinghar Bazan is the underdog today. They will need an unyielding defensive effort from its players to keep Shaheen Asmayee's attack in check and have a chance to win.

The match kicks off at 3PM at AFF Stadium. Follow the game online for live updates of the match on
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