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Shaheen Asmayee Seals 5-0 Victory over De Abasin Sape

2 Sep, 2016

In an exciting competition Shaheen Asmayee earned a vital 5-0 triumph over De Abasin Sape on September 02, 2016 at Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. The game was critical for both teams in order to secure a point and improve their chance of moving to other stages. 

This was the sixth pitch of Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) 2016 in its second week. 

Shaheen Asmayee started the game with confidence and desire of victory. They could score the opening goal on 28 minutes, putting the team in a leading position. Following the path, Shaheen’s center-off, Sayed Nasir Hussaini, netted the second astonishing goal. 

The first-half ended with a 2-0 in favor of Shaheen Asmayee, yet the other 45 minutes were another story for Shaheen. On 54 minutes Amrudin Sharifi headed the ball into Abasin’s bar, marking the 3rd point. The pitch did not end with only three goals. Amanullah Sardari and Hashmatullah Barakzai netted the fourth and fifth goals banning any doubt on their victory. 

De Abasin Sape attacks understandably did not get any opportunity. Though the team played good enough in the first-half, still no point was locked by the team. Abasin tried to avoid the loss by any means; nevertheless, the wish was not materialized. The team decided to play more defensive and secure its bar in the secon-half. Additionally, to deter further potential threats, the coach substituted Abasin’s goalkeeper in the second-half; however, the change was not sufficient. 

The game statistics put Shaheen Asmayee as the leading team in today’s clash. Overall, Sheen possessed 65 percent of game control. Shaheen’s center-off, Amrudin Sharifi, was selected as the man of the match. 

The match is available on the RAPL YouTube page (www.youtube.com/afghanpremierleague). More information about RAPL 2016 events can be found on (www.afghanpremierleague.com). 


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