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Shaheen Asmayee wins friendly match

14 Jan, 2017

Shaheen Asmayee, the 2016 Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) champions, went up against Amarkhail team, one of Kabul’s Premier League teams, in a friendly match on January 10, 2017. The contest took place in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. 

The primary purpose of this friendly match for Shaheen Asmayee was to have a better evaluation of their capabilities and capacity as the team will encounter its Tajik opponent, Haselat team, in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup 2017. Shaheens’ first game in the AFC Cup 2017 will be on 31 January, 2017. 

The AFC Cup is an annual international football competition among regional football clubs who are members of the AFC. For the first time, an RAPL team, Shaheen Asmayee, was qualified to compete with other Asian football clubs. 

The majority of Amarkhail players are members of the Under 19 national team of Afghanistan. They are believed to be one of the strongest teams in the Kabul league. 

Shaheen Asmayee started the game with back-to-back assaults to prove their ascendency over Amarkhail team. Shaheen’s players are good at coordinating slick passes and taking advantage of any counter attack. However, Amarkhail was strong enough to deter any chance of their opponent for scoring the opening goal. The first-half ended 0-0.

Back to the second-half, Amarkhail started on the offensive attempting number of strikes to net an opener. Despite all efforts, it was Zainudin Sharifi of Shaheen who vigilantly scored the first goal on 74 minutes. With his goal, Shaheen took the lead and never looked back. 

The friendly match between Shaheen Asmayee and Amarkhail teams ended 1-0 in favor of Shaheen Asmayee. 

Shaheen’s players are having their comprehensive and tough preparations and exercises in order to have their competitive appearance in the AFC Cup 2017. The team is highly motivated to win a title in this cup. 

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