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Shaheen Asmayee wins its last match

4 Oct, 2012

Both Group A teams Shaheen Asmayee and De Abasin Sape were already knocked out of the semi-finals after the second round of the Roshan Afghan Premier League, so spectators were afraid they would see an unspectacular and boring match on Thursday.

But both teams delivered an engaging and entertaining match, both determined to play hard for their last appearance at the Afghan Football Field in Kabul.

Only nine minutes into the game, Abasin, the team from the Southeast zone, had the first chance at a goal.

Abdul Fatah Wakman shot a free kick from the right corner of Shaheen’s box directly to the goal, but the shot was too high.

Two minutes later the team from Greater Kabul Shaheen Asmayee got a chance with a corner kick. The high ball came over the heads of the Abasin defense to the far end of Abasin goal, where Shaheen defense player Farshad Meri sneaked into the box and booted a hard shot, but also missed the goal.

In 17th minute Abasin once more shot Sediqullah Ashna a free kick. The Shaheen keeper Ali Jubair couldn’t control the low flying ball, but luckily for him, it bounced from his legs and avoided the goal.

Shaheen’s moment came in 39th minute. With a right-side attack, Mustafa Ahmadi suddenly rolled the ball over a long distance to Ramin Sadat, who was waiting in the middle of the Abasin box undefended. Sadat put the ball away in the bottom-left corner of the goal.

As the teams headed for the changing rooms at half time, Shaheen Asmayee was leading 1:0.

In 53rd minute, Shaheen started a fast attack again, this time from the left side. Mujtaba Faiz kicked the ball low into the box. Ramin Sadat, who was directly in front of the goal missed the ball, but it was collected by Ali Maysam Akrami who sent it towards the goal. Abasin goal keeper Abdul Muqim Mateen touched the ball with his legs, but couldn’t prevent it making it into the net.

Shaheen continued to keep the pressure high, attacking mostly from the left. Abasin defense had difficulties to stop the too-quick and technically strong players, Mujtaba Faiz and Azim Najafi.

In the 69th minute, Ali Naseer Husaini passed from the middle field to the fast moving Toryalay Alizada at the right side. He crossed the ball low into the box. Once again it was Ramin Sadat who scored, 3:0.

Abasin’s attempts to develop any form of counter-attack foundered mostly at the strong Shaheen defense.

The match ended 3:0 Shaheen winning over Abasin.

The last group match will take place on Friday between Toofan Harirod and Mawjhai Amu.


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