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Simorgh Alborz cruise 4-1 victory over Mawjhai Amu

7 Sep, 2016

Today’s game started with Mawjhai Amu in black and Simorgh Alborz in organge at the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium. Amu clung desperately to a 1-0 lead at the beginning of the pitch and played marvelous defense to limit the scoring chances of Simorgh Alborz. However, the path was not followed such.

At the very beginning moments of the pitch, Mawjhai Amu striker, Masoud Qarizada, put the ball in the back of its opponent net, putting the team in a leading position. Later, the legacy did not last long enough. Amu scored three points in its first match and another victory could secure a spot in the semi-final of Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) 2016.

Simorgh Alborz ended the previous game against De Spinghar Bazan with a 2-2 draw. Though its defense line was smashed quickly in today’s competition, the team did not lose the spirit and motivation of recovery. On 20 minutes, Fayaz Azizi scored the equalizer goal and put the team back on the loop. They did not rely only on one goal. Then, Amu’s defense line mistake let to an own goal on 45 minutes, casing Amu to lose the track afterward.

In the second-half, Simorgh kept striking to seal the victory. On 51 and 86 minutes the third and fourth dominating goals were netted by Monirulhaq Nadim, the well-know striker. He was awarded as the man of the match for today.

With this loss, Amu has to walk longer to deter group stage elimination.

The game statistics reveals 55 percent match possession by Simorgh Alborz where its opponent, Mawjhai Amu possessed the other 45 percent.

The match is available on the RAPL YouTube page (www.youtube.com/afghanpremierleague). More information about RAPL 2016 events can be found on (www.afghanpremierleague.com).

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