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Toofan Harirod undefeated

5 Oct, 2012

Toofan Harirod from West Afghanistan won its last match, again with an unstoppable four-point score. 

On Friday 5th October, in the last group match, Toofan won over Mawjhai Amu 4:0.

Mawjhai Amu set out in the first minutes of the match to score a goal. The scoring team was Toofan Harirod though.

Just 7 minutes into the match Maaroof Mohammadi attacked the Amu box. Abdulrasheed Khawri pushed him with both hands and the referee decided a penalty kick. Hamidullah Karimi kicked the ball into the left low corner, and Amu’s goal keeper Ramin Qudusi’s beautiful parade proved to be useless: 1:0

After gaining the lead, Harirod found its own usual fast-paced football. In the 22nd minute Karimi’s shot from 20 meters passed the goal only by centimeters.

Then in the 32nd minute Muhammad Rafi Barakzai shot a corner from the right side and Ramiz Nourzai headed the ball over the bar.

Mawjhai Amu’s counter attacks were from time to time dangerous, but not enough to level the game.

Despite its lead, Toofan Harirod only increased the pressure on Amu in the second half.

In the 53rd minute, Maruf Mohammadi attacked from the left side deep into the Amu field and crossed the ball into the box. Passing through several defense players and the Amu keeper, the ball landed in front of Harirod’s most dangerous forward, Hamidullah Karimi, who simply pushed it into the net for 2:0.

Just four minutes later Hamidullah Karimi, this time alone, sprinted with the ball into Amu's box and kicked it past the keeper into the left corner for 3:0.

In 77th minute Farid Ahmad Nadim passed the ball sharply into the Amu box where Zarif Farahi suddenly found himself face to face with the Amu keeper Ramin Qudusi. He shot to the far right corner and scored for the fourth and last goal of Harirod.

The match ended with Harirod’s 4:0 victory.

Toofan Harirod remains undefeated in all its matches and leader of Group B of the Roshan Afghan Premier League.

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