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Two Spectacular Goals as De Spinghar Bazan Defeat De Maiwand Atalan

2 Oct, 2014

De Spinghar Bazan and De Maiwand Atalan gave RAPL fans an epic that featured ten goals in regulation and another six in the penalty shootout. In the end De Spinghar Bazan claimed the victory, which was its second win over De Maiwand Atalan in as many games this season. Sayed Naseer Hussaini was the man of the match, scoring three of De Spinghar Bazan's four second half goals, recording the second hat trick of the 2014 RAPL season.
Most of the first half was a stagnate affair with a lot of defensive shifts and ball clearing by both teams. It was noticeable that neither team wanted to be the aggressor early on.
The first goal of the match came in the 38th minute thanks to Saleem Naeemi who connected on a wonderful shot from the corner. The shot curved off of his foot and found its way to the upper right hand corner of the net. De Spinghar Bazan led 1-0 until the 43rd minute when De Maiwand Atalan's Naseer Ahmad Nasiri took a brilliant free kick towards goal from just beyond midfield. De Spinghar Bazan's goalkeeper Kawash Haidari misplayed the trajectory of the ball and left too much space between himself and the goal. The ball flew over his outstretched arms, just over his fingertips and went into the goal. Haidari got off the ground shaking his head in disbelief and the first half ended 1-1.  
Eight of the ten goals in the game were scored in the second half. De Maiwand Atalan's captain Sayed Baqir Agha broke the 1-1 tie in the 56th minute, shooting the ball past De Spinghar Bazan's Kawash Haidari. Maiwand extended their lead further in the 76th minute as Ahmad Khalid Irfan scored after he stole the ball from a Spinghar player, dribbled past Haidari, and shot the ball into an open goal.
De Maiwand Atalan enjoyed a 3-1 lead until late in the game when De Spinghar Bazan's Sayed Naseer Hussaini began his scoring assault. Hussainni connected on goals in the 82nd minute, 88th minute, and 101st minute giving De Spinghar Bazan a 4-3 advantage. Spinghar looked like they had secured a victory after Saleem Naeemi scored in the 110th minute giving his side a 5-3 lead.
De Maiwand Atalan displayed the resilience RAPL fans have come to expect from them all year, as Abdul Matin Yusufzai came back with goals in the 114th minute and 118th minute to send the game to a penalty shootout. Fatigue was a factor for De Maiwand Atalan since this was their second straight game that went into penalty kicks.   
The penalty shootout ended 4-2 in favor of De Springhar Bazan. With the win they claimed third place in the 2014 RAPL tournament. This was De Maiwand Atalan second straight heartbreaking defeat, a week after losing the second leg of their semifinal match against Oqaban Hindukosh.
Both De Spinghar Bazan and De Maiwand Atalan have a lot to be proud of and a lot to build on for the 2015 season.

To watch the best moments of the match, see the video highlights of the match below.

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