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8 Sep, 2019

In the 11th match of group stage competitions of APL, season 8, Simorgh Alborz had a tremendous and vital victory against Mawjhai Amu, eliminating them from the tournament.

8 Sep, 2019

Today, September 8, 2019, Mawjhai Amu is playing against their staunch rival, Simorgh Alborz. This match is going to be the 3rd battle for both teams in the league so far.

28 Aug, 2019

In the first match of the second week of the 8th season of Afghanistan Premier League group stage competitions, Mawjhai Amu, the representative of the northeast zone of the country, confronted Toof

28 Aug, 2019

Today, August 28, 2019, the two times APL champion, Toofan Harirod is competing against the young Mawjhai Amu football team. This is the second match of the both teams, so far in the competitions.

22 Aug, 2019

On the third day of the 8th group stage competitions of the Afghan Premier League, the young team of Mawjhai Amu competed De Maiwand Atalan.

22 Aug, 2019

Today, August 23, 2019, the young team of Mawjhai Amu competes against the mighty team of De Maiwand Atalan.

18 Oct, 2018

Today, 17th October 2018, at 06:00 pm the Afghanistan football federation hosted another exciting match between De Abasin Sape, representative of south east zone,

17 Oct, 2018

De Maiwand Atalan, with 3 points only in the group “B” prior to their third gamelast night game, won the ticket for the semi-finals through defeating its rival, S

9 Sep, 2017

The exciting match of Mawjhai Amu against Oqaban Hindukosh will take place today, September 09, 2017, at 3:30 pm in the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF) stadium.

29 Sep, 2016

The match between Mawjhai Amu and Simorgh Alborz kicked-off with a well-formed start by Amu.


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